Alkalising Digestive Smoothie

This is a delicious alkalising and digestive smoothie that has a cooling and calming affect on the whole digestive track, reduces acidity in high protein/ refined carbohydrate/ sugar/ saturated fat diet, reduces pain in arthritis and gout, boosts energy, and promotes general wellness. For more delicious and healthy drinks click on our shop, then The Ultimate Smoothies and Juices for more than 50 amazing smoothie and juice recipes plus other tips by a Naturopath/ Nutritionist on how to improve your health now!

1 apple

1/2 small bulb of fennel

1/2 small Lebanese cucumber

1 handful of snow pea sprouts

1 cup of water

(add 6 fresh, seeded cherries for extra alkalising benefits)

Blend with a few pieces of ice and enjoy!

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