Which Healthy Oils Are Best to Cook With?

“Which healthy oils should I be cooking with?” is a common question asked by our customers and patients. There is confusing information online regarding the correct answer. However, regardless of what healthy oils are fit for consumption there is only one oil that should ever be used for cooking…Coconut Oil.  Unlike other oils (including olive oil), coconut oil is uniquely a medium-chain fatty acid. It naturally has a higher heating temperature which allows it to be heated without oxidising. All other oils oxidise when heating. Then we consume this oxidised meal which further contributes to an oxidised environment within our bodies (contributing to the onset of cancer and other diseases). You can use a virgin coconut oil (with the coconut flavour) or a tasteless coconut oil (no coconut or any flavour) to cook with which will promote your health, not diminish it like other oils. The Ultimate Diets use coconut oil in their delicious and healthy recipes. Check out our shop section at www.theultimatediets.com to see which healthy diet is best for you. Coming soon…”Health Benefits for Using Coconut Oil’.

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