About Us

The Work We Create 

Do you want to lose weight? Would you like to eat healthier but don’t know where to start? Do you find eating healthy a chore and you wish that it tasted yummier? Would you like to find out what foods are best to manage your illness successfully by an experienced health professional (and what foods to avoid)? The Ultimate Diets gives you all of the solutions needed to succeed at your health goals, whatever they are.

The Ultimate diets was created and written by an experienced Naturopath/ Nutritionist. We were inspired to create scientific-based diets out of the lack of nutritious, up-to-date and easy to follow eating plans written by practitioners. There seems to be a growing trend of diets today that are written by non-practitioners (that could contain misleading and incorrect health advice). There is also an incredible amount of health information online which makes it difficult to know what is best for you and your family’s specific needs. The Ultimate Diets focuses on teaching individuals what foods and natural medicines are best for the management of your condition and to prevent disease in the future.

The information contained in The Ultimate Diets is completely unique. There are no other diets like it on the market today.

Learn how to take responsibility for your health and start living the vibrant life you have always dreamed of. The diets consist of everything from general, healthy eating guides for the whole family to weight loss and specific disease management such as cancer and diabetes. There is something for everyone! All of the diets contain step-by-step recipes that now make eating healthy easy and delicious. Check out our posts regularly for interesting tips and delicious recipes on how to take your health to an amazing level.

Our Goal for You

TUD_arms02The Ultimate Diets believes in a wholesome, but completely realistic, eating way of life. Our main goal for you is to inspire the enjoyment of eating and drinking fresh whole foods by providing nutritional information and tasty recipes. We do not expect or ask you to eat like a monk, or run a marathon just to improve your health. In fact, small dietary and lifestyle changes can make a huge impact on your health status. We promote this relaxed but effective philosophy with the goal of keeping you in the health game long term. If the changes are too foreign, the end result can often mean giving up altogether. We have all been guilty of this in the past!

Make small changes today and be proud of yourself for taking the step. This is the true meaning of a healthy person and what everyone should be aiming for, regardless of your health needs. The Ultimate Diets wishes you the best of luck on your health journey and is here to help and guide you along the way.